Bericht voor deelnemers Koepelscratch 17 december

Hieronder geven wij nu, deelnemers aan onze Koepelscratch, door welke nummers op de scratch dag gestudeerd zullen worden, en ook ’s avonds uitgevoerd zullen worden.
We hebben de nummering van de stukken in zowel de partituur van Prout bijgevoegd, als de nummering van de partituur van Bärenreiter.
We wensen u veel studieplezier!!

“Messiah” Scratch 17 december 2022 Heiloo  

Gezongen en gespeeld worden de volgende delen:

Part the FirstNr.ProutNr. Bärenreiter
Comfort ye (Tenor)22
Ev’ry valley (Tenor)33
And the glory of the Lord (Chorus)44
Thus saith the Lord (Bass)55
But who may abide (Alto)66
And He shall purify (Chorus)77
Behold, a virgin shall conceive (Alto)8Rec.
O thou that tellest (Alto and Chorus)98
For behold, darkness (Bass)109
The people that walked in darkness (Bass)1110
For unto us a child is born (Chorus)1211
There were shepherds (Soprano)14Rec.
And lo, the angel of the Lord (Soprano)Rec.13
And the angel said unto them (Soprano)15Rec.
And suddenly there was with the angel (Soprano)1614
Glory to God (Chorus)1715
Rejoice greatly (Soprano)Final version1816
Then shall the eyes of the blind (Alto)19Rec.
He shall feed his flocks (Alto)(vanaf maat 20 Soprano)2017
His yoke is easy (Chorus)2118
Part the secondNr.ProutNr. Bärenreiter
Behold the Lamb of God (Chorus)2219
He was despised (Alto)2320
Surely He hath borne our griefs (Chorus)2421
And with His stripes (Chorus)2522
All we, like sheep (Chorus)2623
Thy rebuke hath broken His heart (Tenor)2926
Behold and see (Tenor)3027
He was cut off (Soprano)3128
But Thou didst not leave (Soprano)3229
Lift up your heads (Chorus)3330
Thou art gone up on high (Alto)3632
The lord gave the word (Chorus)3733
How beautiful are the feet (Soprano)3834a
Their sound is gone out3935a
Why do the nations (Bass)4036
He that dwelleth in heaven (Tenor)42Rec.
Thou shalt break them (Tenor)4338
Hallelujah (Chorus)4439
Part the ThirdNr.ProutNr. Bärenreiter
I know that my redeemer liveth (Soprano)4540
Since by man came death (Solists and Chorus)4641
Maat 1 t/m6 solisten. Maat 17 t/m22 solisten.
Behold, I tell you a mystery (Bass)4742
The trumpet shall sound (Bass) Dal segno!4843
Then shall be brought to pass (Alto)49Rec.
O death, where is thy sting? (Alto Tenor)5044
But thanks be to God5145
If God be for us (Soprano) 1e viool solo!5246
Worthy is the Lamb (Chorus)5347
Amen. (Chorus and solists)